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Levi Dewaegenaere (CEO of Waegener) and professor R. Meeusen (professor at the University of Brussels) have recently joined forces. Together they are committed to the optimization of all cTreatment® protocols

Research at different levels leads to new insights. More specifically in the use of cryotherapy applications after surgery. That is why Levi Dewaegenaere (CEO of Waegener) is working together with a team of doctoral students and researchers. All this under the direction of professor R. Meeusen. They are only committed to auditing. But also for the optimization of all existing protocols that are used with cTreatment®.


cTreatment and Research

R&D is at the core of Waegener. Since 2004, Waegener has obtained unique insights in the recovery process of patients, leading to advanced technology and treatments. In close collaboration with our Strategic Medical Partners, the R&D team constantly works towards creating and testing additional treatments through rigorous testing. A permanent dialogue with medical professionals, care providers, cTreatment® end-users and medical associations triggers new areas for cTreatment®.

The high precision, controllability and reproducibility of the protocols guarantee a safe therapeutic temperature range, preventing frostbite and nerve damage.

Patients using cTreatment® recover better after traumas, operations and injuries with less pain, less pain medication and faster mobility.

The controlled cTreatment® protocols provide targeted, tissue- and intra-articular temperature drops based on controlled energy extraction.

This cooperation between the University of Brussels and Waegener will, according to Levi Dewaegenaere, be a great deal of progress in the development of cTreatment® for both medical professionals and patients.

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About Levi Dewaegenaere

Levi Dewaegenaere grew from a professional tennis player to a successful entrepreneur. He is currently the founder and CEO of both Urban Capital Group and Waegener.

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