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Team leader, your actions inspire others to learn more

At Waegener, we are looking for a Lead Technician. You will coordinate the production and make sure it goes conform instructions. Furthermore, you will be responsible for the daily follow-up of the operators in production. You will be their team leader, who encourages them to develop and grow, as well as to execute the internal procedures & instructions.


Secondly, you will verify the following subjects: the cleaning process, the PEST control and the monitoring & measuring equipment. As a Lead Technician, you are responsible for the quality of the production process. Further, a Lead Technician takes care of the production purchase process, the warehouse & supply process and the preparation for the shipment of our medical devices. Also, the Lead Technician will be responsible for external service activities.


At last, the Lead Technician will train internal & external technicians. Therefor it is essential that you know what is important to learn them, but also how to inspire them to keep on developing themselves. Feedback moments with the management are key to keep everybody informed and up-to-date.


Your skill set that complements ours

  • Bachelor degree in Electronics or Electromechanics
  • Preferably 5-10 years of experience in production of electronics
  • Knowledge of ISO 13485 is a bonus
  • Experienced in controlling with a stacker
  • Fluently in Dutch and English, both orally and writing
  • Driver‘s licence type B
  • You work highly accurate and you are achievement – & customer service orientated.


Waegener: A personal approach on every level

At Waegener, we believe that health-care is a means towards well-being. Our mission is to create innovative applications that enable both patients and medical professionals to optimize the recovery process. Our applications have a proven efficiency. We invest a great deal in R&D and work with protocolled standards only.

Every person is different and everyone recovers in a different way. In everything we do, we focus on the person behind the injury. So that ultimately, our work results in a better well-being of patients.

Our innovative and patient specific approach in health-care demands the daily commitment of an ambitious and dedicated multidisciplinary team of professionals, all aspiring to the highest standards. Every department within Waegener works closely together, so that all developments are easily implemented throughout the company, in line with our values. You will be part of a very dynamic, young and growing team in a highly innovative environment.

Last but not least, you will have freedom to shape your work and shape your job. Your input is highly appreciated.


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