cTreatment® is a medical treatment that improves recovery through customized local body cooling.


Waegener® cTreatment® combines pioneering advanced technology and dedicated medical research, leading to the development of a patient & injury specific approach to enhance the recovery process.


Medical professionals will find in cTreatment® an efficient and reliable way to use temperature control in the recovery outcome. Clinical experiences using cTreatment® show a wide range of benefits in the recovery process, for both patient and medical professional, as well as for hospital economics.


At Waegener®, we believe that health-care is a means towards well-being. Our solutions support people, not only in their health, but also in their dignity and vitality. cTreatment® has been successfully implemented in surgery, professional sports care and rehabilitation.

Professional Cases

Numerous case studies and surveys prove how Waegener® cTreatment® contributes in optimizing the recovery process after injury, trauma and surgery.


Research and innovation are the key drivers at Waegener®. We invest a great deal in R&D and work with standardized protocols only.

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