Our Ambition

At Waegener, we believe that health-care is a means towards well-being. Our mission is to create innovative applications that enable both patients and medical professionals to optimize the recovery process. Our applications have a proven efficiency. We invest a great deal in R&D and work with protocolled standards only. This evidence based, standardized approach gives measurable control to medical professionals & physiotherapists while using our applications in tailor made settings.

Every person is different and everyone recovers in a different way. In everything we do, we focus on the person behind the injury. Our solutions serve to support people, not only in their healing process, but also in their dignity and vitality. So that ultimately, our work results in a better well-being of patients.


Our Team

Our innovative and patient specific approach in health-care demands the daily commitment of an ambitious and dedicated multidisciplinary team of professionals, all aspiring to the highest standards. Every department within Waegener works closely together, so that all developments are easily implemented throughout the company, in line with our values.

Levi Dewaegenaere

During his professional tennis career at a younger age, Levi Dewaegenaere suffered numerous injuries. From his personal experience with trauma, pain and recovery, he envisioned a solution for enhanced patient recovery. In his later career as a successful entrepreneur, he never let go of this dream. After years of dedicated research and development, the gathered insights and technology led to the creation of Waegener cTreatment.

“At Waegener, we believe that health-care is a means to well-being. Our mission is to create innovative applications that enable both patients and medical professionals to optimize the recovery process.”

Thierry Vandekerckhove
Director Operations

Thierry Vandekerckhove joined Waegener in 2009 as Technical Operations Manager. He implemented the production lines for the CTS100 cServer and today he takes leadership for our enthusiastic production team. As our Head of Production, he is now responsible for all production, service and logistical activities.
Thierry holds a bachelor degree in industrial engineering and builded up his cridentials in the medical world during his 11 years career at for example Ecodis Nv and Philips Healthcare.

“With Waegener cTreatment we offer medical professionals an efficient & reliable way to use temperature control in the recovery process, ensuring in a higher patient satisfaction.”

Peter Van Gils
Director R&D

Peter Van Gils, Master Engineering joined Waegener in 2013 as Director Research & Development. Prior to joining Waegener, he held various R&D management positions at for example Biocartis, Ecodis, Deutsche Telecom, BTC-DEGIS and France Telecom during his 38 years career. Peter is now responsible for all internal & external R&D activities within Waegener, managing the relationships with our development partners and the EC certification of our medical devices. He has a multidisciplinary expertise that contributes to the assessment, coordination and implementation of new projects of strategic importance to the company.

“Our extensive in-house R&D efforts led to a breakthrough in patient and injury specific recovery care.”

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