At Waegener, we believe that health-care is a means towards well-being. Our mission is to create innovative applications that enable both patients and practitioners to optimize the recovery process. Our applications have a proven efficiency. We invest a great deal in R&D and work with protocolled standards only. This evidence based, standardized approach gives measurable control to practitioners & physiotherapists while using our applications in tailor made settings.

Every person is different and everyone recovers in a different way. In everything we do, we focus on the person behind the injury. Our solutions serve to support people, not only in their healing process, but also in their dignity and vitality. So that ultimately, our work results in a better well-being of patients.

Patient Cases

Waegener’s innovative and personalized approach towards well-being offers clear benefits for all patients dealing with an operation, injury or trauma.

Patient TKA, OLVG - Amsterdam

“I have no pain compared to a previous knee operation and I can move much better.”

Mr. Van Dooren had a Total Knee Replacement of his knee almost 12 years after a former surgery. He was very happy to use cTreatment® during his recovery process. He had no swelling, no pain and experienced an increased mobility compared to his first surgery.

Patient TKA, Tergooi - Hilversum

“I didn’t have any expectations, only hope and cTreatment® totally acknowledged it!.”

Miss Van Kempen had a Total Knee Replacement of her second knee and could easily compare this operation to her former one. She experienced cTreatment® as soothing and pain relieving. Compared to her first operation several years ago without using cTreatment®, she now recovered must faster and painless.

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